Susana Martinez

State:New Mexico
Current Office:Governor
Party:Republican Party


Susana Martinez is the District Attorney for the 3rd Judicial District in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, a position she has held for 13 years. On July 17, 2009, Martinez entered the race for governor of New Mexico, pledging to cut wasteful spending, lower taxes to create more jobs, end “pay-to-play” practices and other corruption in government and fight to reform education.


Susana was first elected District Attorney in 1996. She has been re-elected three times, running unopposed for the office in 2008. 

 In addition to managing the DA’s office in the state, Susana personally tries some cases, including child abuse and child homicide.

Susana prosecuted and convicted the killer of Katie Sepich, a 22-year old college student who Katie’s Law is named after. The law now requires law enforcement to take DNA for most violent felony arrests and include the samples in a database to help bring criminals to justice.

In 2008, Heart Magazine named Susana “Woman of the Year” for her dedication to children’s advocacy and her efforts to keep children safe.

 She believes in less government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. She’s pro-life and strongly supports the 2nd Amendment.

Susana comes from a hardworking, middle class family. Her father and mother started a security guard business with $400 in their pocket. They built their business with Susana’s mother in the kitchen doing the paperwork and Susana working as a security guard, while studying in the evenings.

Susana was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and has made Las Cruces her home since the mid 1980’s. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at El Paso and later earned her law degree from the University of Oklahoma. Her husband, Chuck Franco, continues his three-decade career in law enforcement and currently serves as the Doña Ana County Undersheriff. She has one stepson, Carlo, who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy.


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Supporting Discussion


If I can vote, I will vote for her. She is pro-education. Just a small recognition of the teachers and students work which she did last year, to those schools who have a significant increased of their math and reading test, is a good sign for me. This governor is thinking of what miracles education can do for the good of the families and the society where they belong. I hope you will lead a massive champagne against bullying and racism in the school campus as well as in the job sites. Your immediate action on this regard shall be highly appreciated. God Bless you governor


shes a ripper watch her she's got jack in her zipper.


Comments jrlank | January 20 2011 2:30pm Good for the Governor. New Mexico has too much potential to waste valuable time and resources on over staffed and many unneeded departments, agencies and bureaucratic mind games. She is getting down to business, and hopefully, will not have too many roadbloccks to hinder New Mexico's progress. It is refreshing to see one in govenment who is working WITH the People and not dictating, controlling and "teaching" the people. Thank you, Governor Martinez for attempting to restore an open government that is "for-by-and of" the people.


if u want a possible 'right to work' state where the businesses can do whatever they want to. treat their workers like chumps/a dime a dozen,and fire you just for making too high a wage and then block you from getting unemployment.if u want a 'new' change for n.m. like this- like texas is. where this big money,greed motivated republican martinez is from. then vote her in you unaware won't know what hit you. see,n.m. has never been a right to work state. and for all you commom,non rich ppl and workers out there,u better vote to keep it non right to democrat. or you'll be seeing alot more destroyed ppl beggin on the city corners. like in right to work boise i.d. beyond sad too


I am voting for her because she is talking about getting rid of the State government spending. She is also talking about exploiting our resources for jobs.

Dissenting Discussion

I am completely disgusted by the negative attack ads from the Martinez team and her corporate supporters. I want to hear more about real issues. I don't trust her stance on the lottery scholarship and, as a small business owner, I am deeply concerned about her preference of big business over small businesses like mine.
I won't vote for her, Susana voted to suspend the funding for the most successful drug task force in the state of New Mexico. Makes you wonder.
I'm conservative, but the one reason Martinez won't get my vote is that she will be AGAINST MEDICAL MARIJUANA, which I do not support.
Do REAL New Mexicans support a Texas-sponsored candidate?
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New Mexico (change)

New Mexico is located in the southwestern region of the U.S. Inhabited by Native American populations for many centuries, New Mexico has also been part of Imperial Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. territory.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Susana Martinez
Lieutenant Governor: John Sanchez
Attorney General: Gary King
Secretary of State: Dianna J. DurĂ¡n