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From getting people into homes to helping people stay in their homes, governments are grappling with many aspects of housing policies. more »


National immigration policy was to be a central issue of the Obama administration but has been put off as other issues took precedence.  In recent years both the House and Senate passed their own… more »



The United States end its "combat mission" in Iraq in September 2010 seven years after invading while troops continue in support roles.  The war in Afghanistan, begun in 2001, continues with about… more »


Some acts of government defy easy placement in broad categories like Crime and Environment and will be listed here.  They may be serious--a Congressional joint resolution honoring minority veterans… more »


Native Americans

The relationship between the United States and Native America has evolved over time from warfare and paternalism to recognition of tribes as sovereign governments.  That has allowed tribal governments… more »

Public Education

Public education in the United States is built on local control from locally elected school boards to appointed regents overseeing universities in cooperation with state departments of education. … more »


Rules and Measures

Public political bodies are by their nature evolving creatures that set their own policies and procedures.  Often the bodies agree to be governed by "Robert's Rules of Order," a set of protocols… more »


Few topics generate political fights faster than taxes as England discovered in 1773 when British colonists raided a ship in Boston harbor throwing its cargo of tea into the water to protest a tax imposed… more »



With millions of Americans hitting the streets to get to work, school and play, many cities are facing increasingly heavy traffic, and many highways are getting clogged with cars.  Meanwhile the… more »


During the economic collapse that began in 2007 and now often referred to as the Great Recession, the United States shed an astonishing 8.4 million jobs, according to federal statistics.  The official… more »

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New Mexico (change)

New Mexico is located in the southwestern region of the U.S. Inhabited by Native American populations for many centuries, New Mexico has also been part of Imperial Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. territory.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Susana Martinez
Lieutenant Governor: John Sanchez
Attorney General: Gary King
Secretary of State: Dianna J. DurĂ¡n