House gets ban on illegals' licenses

SANTA FE (KRQE) — The House Judiciary Committee late Friday approved a bill to ban drivers licenses for illegal immigrants after efforts to find a compromise failed.

A bipartisan group had been trying to find common ground with Gov. Susana Martinez and the Senate but couldn't do it.

One Democratic version would have continued the licenses but for shorter terms and with tighter restrictions.

There was also a proposal to give illegals temporary permits that could be used for driving but not for ID or other purposes.

But Martinez refused to deal.

"I'm not willing to continue to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants," Martinez said. "They want a compromise that continues to do that

"I think New Mexicans have spoken loud and clear. They do not want to continue to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants."

Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Al Park, D-Albuquerque, said he encouraged members to work out a compromise on the bill and that key players had been meeting since Wednesday night.

"Because of external factors, it was not possible to satisfy all parties," he said in a statement released after the vote. "We must continue to work on this issue.

"Should we not address the problems that have been presented, we will fail the good people of New Mexico.”

In the end the committee on a 9-6 voter approved House Bill 103, a total ban introduced by Rep. Andy Nu ez, I-Hatch.

The full House passed the ban during the 2011 session, but it died in the Senate. If the House does the same this year, the bill's fate in the Senate is uncertain.

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I say good for the House, AGAIN!!!! It seems the only people of trust is in the House. This illegal action needs to stop. One victory in the immigration problem would be great. What better place to start than in New Mexico. I fully support the Governor's action and she will have my vote, if it goes to the people to decide.
I think KRQE needs to look into the scuttle-butt running rampant in Santa Fe regarding the mexican drug cartels and even the mexican government paying NM state legislatures under the table to keep voting FOR drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Seems a private investigator up there even has pics of legislators taking envelopes from less than scrupulous individuals. Birds of a feather flock together......
I am sick and tired of people invading our country illegally and then expecting and often demanding the same rights and priviledges as all legals immigrants and US citizens. It's an outrage! Our schools, our hospitals, especially their delivery rooms and newborn units are filled by illegals! Illegals receive welfare benefits not readily available to many US citizens. It's become routine in the Mexican border towns, for young Mexican girls to deliver their babies across the border, allowwing them to automatically become US citizens. Enough is enough! The drivers licenses for illegals were the straw that broke this camel's back. Governor Martinez, keep up the good work! And to the Media, please let everyone know in NM who voted for and who voted against banning drivers licenses for illegals. We have the power to vote them out-off office at the next elections.

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