Gov. raises money for Hispanic GOP group

SANTA FE (KRQE) — New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is helping to raise money next week for a political group that recruits and supports Hispanic Republican candidates in Texas.

Martinez political adviser Jay McCleskey said Thursday the governor will attend a fundraiser Monday in Dallas for Hispanic Republicans of Texas.

Martinez, who took office last year, is the nation's first female Hispanic governor.

McCleskey said Martinez will travel to Texas and return to New Mexico on the same day. The Texas group is paying for her expenses.

Martinez is campaigning in Nevada on Saturday for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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martinez is using our state as a launching pad for a higher office and cares little about what happens here. in my opinion, her presence in our "blue" state is a gop strategy to turn it "red" in the near future.
Just how does evasive, unaccountable, and sworn to secrecy, Willard Mitt Romney propose to put back to work the 47% of entitled parasitic Americans feeding off the government system? Since he refuses to elaborate on any of his solutions, all we voters can do is guess. Will it be with individual state house bills like the Utah house bill HB148 passed by the legislature earlier this year and signed by Governor Gary R. Herbert to recover 20 million acres of Federal land? Will it also include the proposed anti-union California Proposition 32 (which recently received a $4 million contribution from the billionarie Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States, and backed by the California Future Fund for Free Markets, and The American Future Fund, along with the Center to Protect Patient Rights)? What about the Utah Mine Safety Commission founded to replace the Federal Mine and Safety Commission of the United States? Also Utah HB477 an attempt to dismantle government transparency? If so, I cannot say the American public will be too thrilled about our country being taken back to the era of the lawlessness and exploitation of the industrial revolution, which provided very dangerous high risk, overworked employment with excessively long hours, and under paid jobs, ladened with occupational hazards. Maybe Willard Mitt Romney needs to take refresher courses in ethics, and US economic history.

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