NM lawmakers propose gun control laws

SANTA FE (KRQE) — In New Mexico Governor Martinez and democratic lawmakers are proposing measures aimed at reducing gun violence.
But the approaches are tackling two different sides of the issue.
The session is only two days old and there is already a bill on the table that would make major changes to New Mexico’s gun laws.

”This bill kind of closes those loopholes,” Miguel Garcia said.

Albuquerque democrat Miguel Garcia says it is too easy to get guns in New Mexico.
He wasted no time introducing a bill that would force anyone trying to sell a gun at a gun show or privately to do a background check on the buyer first.
Garcia's bill is a part of what could be a larger push from state democrats to implement gun control measures in New Mexico.

“Our state has a proud heritage of gun ownership, but that heritage has always included a duty for those who choose to own a firearm to do so responsibly,” Senator Michael Sanchez said.
But Roswell republican Nora Espinoza is warning fellow lawmakers not to overreact or step on second amendment rights when it comes to gun laws.

”What we should be doing is analyzing the laws that we have in the state and we should be doing something to enforce the laws of the state and on the national level and i think that's were we need to begin,” Espinoza ssaid.
Governor Martinez has already come out supporting a different kind of gun violence bill.
She wants to pass legislation that helps ensure the state’s mentally ill are in a national database so their names pop up during a background check.
Garcia agrees that is a good step too, although he does not think it's enough.

”I’m hoping that we don't have to do a lot of things here in the state that some of those initiatives like banning assault weapons will be taken care of at the federal level,” Garcia said.

Some other ideas President Obama has pushed that state lawmakers tell me are being considered in New Mexico include a ban on high capacity magazines and assault rifles.
Under Garcia’s bill, not completing a background check before selling a gun would be a misdemeanor.

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It seems that some of our citizens have forgotten why the "2nd Admendment" was "listed 2nd" when our Fore-fathers wrote "The Constitution of the United States"! Have we become so ignorant, so power-hungry...so afraid that we are will to take away or give away the rights we have, the rights our fore-fathers down through history...through to todays present day that AMERICAN SOLDIERS have fought fought for, have given thier lives for? Are we bound to repeat history AGAIN? Each and and every one of us at least the majority of us have had ancestors who had to fight to overcome tyranny, bondage, slavery, genocide....etc.. And I am talking about ALL races...if anyone understands thier history be Black, White, Hispanic, Oriental, or whatever, you know I speak the truth. AND if the politicians were honest...truthful to the people who elected them and who they serve would not distort the meaning of the 2nd Admendment and would fight to keep the people "ARMED EQUALLY" along side with the government as our fore-fathers meant for the 2nd Admendment to do!!!

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