Bill makes enforcing federal gun laws a crime

SANTA FE (KRQE) — Call it dueling gun proposals.

A New Mexico lawmaker is firing back at President Obama’s push for more gun control with an idea that borders on secession talk.

She wants to make it a crime to enforce federal gun laws in New Mexico.

But in a Roundhouse ruled by Democrats – it’s clear her bill is purely symbolic.

Rep. Nora Espinoza , R-Roswell, said late Friday that her bill is a way to respond locally to a president who - her words - doesn't respect the Constitution.

“Sometimes we get on this bandwagon – 'Wow, we need to do this' - then we have more laws, more government control on us abiding citizens. That's what wrong,” Espinoza told KRQE News 13.

Espinoza filed the bill this week that seeks to make it a felony to enforce any federal gun laws.

Read and follow House Bill 114

It also says the state attorney general would have to defend anyone punished for breaking a federal gun law.

“I think the issue is to make sure that we protect our Second Amendment rights and that we use logic and we're being reasonable,” she said.

Albuquerque Democratic Rep. Antonio "Moes" Maestas says she’s the one that’s not reasonable or realistic.

“To make criminals out of federal agents or local law enforcement is just absurd,” he said. “I don't even know if it will get a hearing, it's that ridiculous.”

Maestas says it's not serious legislation, just political grandstanding that detracts from an honest dialogue about gun laws.

“It's kind of political grandstanding times 10,” he said. “Because what this says is that if FBI agents arrest some big-time drug dealer with guns, they can't charge him with a gun crime. And if they do, they're criminals as well.”

Ten fellow Republicans co-sponsored Espinoza’s bill.

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Kudos to Rep. Nora Espinoza. Antonio Maestas has joined the ranks of the cowards in the state--we will work against him and the rest of the spineless poor excuses for leaders. The Constitution must prevail and we must resist the state and feds. We must live, fight, and die by the feud in defending ourselves against these terrorists.
I am fed up with our lawmakers--they are such cowards in dealing with our 2nd Amendment Rights (including the DWI issue). Seems like they are criminalizing the rights of law abiding citizens as they bow to the whims of people who react and seek solutions based on emotions, loss, revenge, etc. I will not give up my guns or my right to bear and keep arms.

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