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    ChurchState  commented: What ever happened to the separation of chuch and state? In 2005, Governor (and concurrent LDS/Mormon church Bishop/Pastor) Mitt Romney appointed his wife…
    Federal deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth year
    The federal budget deficit has topped $1 trillion for a fourth straight year. But a modest improvement in economic growth helped narrow the gap by $207 billion compared…
    Oct 13, 2012 7:31 PM
  • ChurchState
    ChurchState  commented: Just how does evasive, unaccountable, and sworn to secrecy, Willard Mitt Romney propose to put back to work the 47% of entitled parasitic Americans feeding off the…
    Gov. raises money for Hispanic GOP group
    New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is helping to raise money next week for a political group that recruits and supports Hispanic Republican candidates in Texas.
    Oct 13, 2012 7:28 PM

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Political Party:

New Mexico (change)

New Mexico is located in the southwestern region of the U.S. Inhabited by Native American populations for many centuries, New Mexico has also been part of Imperial Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. territory.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Susana Martinez
Lieutenant Governor: John Sanchez
Attorney General: Gary King
Secretary of State: Dianna J. DurĂ¡n